9U Tadpole

(Born 2015-2016)

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If you have any question, please contact Division Coordinator 9u@tcthunder.ca.

General Information

If your son/daughter is in Grade 2 or 3 then they will play in the 9U Division. We welcome new and returning players to the 9U Division where the focus is on player safety, fun and skill development.

At this level we introduce players to many of the regular rules of baseball such as players pitching (no more tee-ball) and 3 'outs' per inning.

Please see details about this division of baseball on this link to our 9U FAQ.

Get familiar with some of the key aspects of the game at this level on the following link to the 9U Rules.

Practice and Game Time

Games and practices will be held Monday and Friday evenings at various fields throughout the tri-cities.

Team standing & schedule