About Us

Executive and Board of Directors - 2023-24

Board of Directors - Elected Members

Role Name Email
President John Powell president@tcthunder.ca
Vice President Joe Marklund vicepresident@tcthunder.ca
Secretary Justin Hamade secretary@tcthunder.ca
Treasurer Eve Zhou treasurer@tcthunder.ca
Divisional Coordinator Zac Jacobson divisionchair@tcthunder.ca
Umpire in Chief Trevor Sharpe umpireinchief@tcthunder.ca
Director at Large Christina Russo registrar@tcthunder.ca
Director at Large Chris Penner equipment@tcthunder.ca
Director at Large Greg Doucette greg@tcthunder.ca
Director at Large Graham Stuart graham@tcthunder.ca

Non-Elected Members

Role Name Email
5U Coordinator Kari Arruda 5u@tcthunder.ca
7U Coordinator Kari Arruda 7u@tcthunder.ca
9U Coordinator Brian Baird 9u@tcthunder.ca
11U Coordinator (Vacant) 11u@tcthunder.ca
13U Coordinator Yvette Whitson 13u@tcthunder.ca
15U Coordinator Zac Jacobson 15u@tcthunder.ca
18U Coordinator Chris Penner 18u@tcthunder.ca
26U Coordinator Jim Swelander 26u@tcthunder.ca
Coach Coordinator Justin Hamade secretary@tcthunder.ca
Concession Coordinator (Vacant) concession@tcthunder.ca
Events Coordinator (Vacant) events@tcthunder.ca
Fields Coordinator Darcy Jago fields@tcthunder.ca
Fundraising Coordinator Edison Deane fundraising@tcthunder.ca
Risk Manager Amber Rycroft riskmanager@tcthunder.ca
Tournament Coordinator Dave Bird tournaments@tcthunder.ca
Volunteer Coordinator Emily Keurvorst volunteer@tcthunder.ca
Webmaster Xu Cheng webmaster@tcthunder.ca
Past President pastpresident@tcthunder.ca

Mailing Address

PO Box 633
Port Coquitlam BC
V3C 3V7