9U Tadpole FAQ


How do I register?

Registration begins in October and is done online. Go to the registration link and follow the instructions from there. Those interested in coaching should register as a coach (no cost) at the same time - see below for more details.

How do I pay?

The online registration system accepts credit card payments. In order to pay by cheque you must make contact with the Division Coordinator to make arrangements to provide the cheque in person.

Teams and Team Assignments

How are teams established?

Grade 3 players will play on separate teams from Grade 2 players in order to maintain a better level of safety and provide better player development.

When will I know what team I am on?

We confirm team rosters by the end of March and coaches will start contacting players in early April. If you have not been contacted by April 5th please contact the Division Coordinator directly.

Can I play on the same team as my friends?

We build teams with an effort to keep players with their friends. This is determined based upon preference noted on the registration form, previous teams/coaches and geographic area. The ability to accommodate requests depends on many factors including the availability of coaches.


What equipment do I need?

Every player must have the following equipment:

  • Proper running shoes or cleats
  • Long pants (baseball pants are not required)
  • A glove
  • A batting helmet (with chin strap)

Where do I get this equipment and how much does it cost?

The required equipment above can be purchased at most sporting goods stores and stores such as Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire. Corner Sports in Port Coquitlam sometimes has used equipment as well. Most players should be comfortably outfitted for about $50.

What other equipment is recommended?What other equipment is recommended?

Players should also have the following equipment for every game and practice:

  • Appropriate clothing for the weather (it gets cold in the evenings of the early part of the season)
  • A water bottle
  • Sunscreen

What equipment is provided?

Each player will receive a ball cap and jersey/shirt as part of the team uniform. Each team will be provided with bases, bats, balls and catcher's gear.

What size of glove should I have?

Your glove should be large enough to catch a ball and small enough for you to open and close it comfortably. Most players at this age should have a glove no larger than 10" to 11".

If I get a bat, what size should it be?

There is no need for you to have your own bat. If you choose to get one please keep in mind that bigger is not better. In fact, a lighter bat can be controlled better and swung harder for greater success at bat. The maximum size of the barrel for this age group is 2-1/4". The recommended length is 26" to 28" and the recommended weight ranges from 12oz to 17oz for most players of this age.


Can I drop my child off at games or practices?

No. A parent/guardian is required for all players at all practices and games. In fact many coaches will want parent participation to help with game management and player development.

Will I be required to help out at games and practices?

Your coach may ask for your help and support at practices and games. Whether you have experience playing baseball or not, your support/assistance at games and practices will be appreciated by the coach.

What is the time commitment?

How much do I have to volunteer? In addition to support at games/practices, you can expect to be required to volunteer for a couple of hours for special events such as the wrap-up tournament.


What qualifications must a coach have?

All coaches must provide a Criminal Record Check to the TCTMBA every two years; you can do this on-line through the Criminal Records Review Program. Details can be found in the 'Coaches Corner' section of our website . Coaches will be provided with any training and resources through the TCTMBA. There is also a new coach certification process being rolled out by our parent organization, details to follow.

What is the time commitment for coaches?

As a coach you will be expected to attend as many practices and games as possible. In addition, you should expect to spend a bit of time per week to prepare for games/practices. You are encouraged to get support from parents to help with games, practices and prep as much as possible. There will also be a coach development session scheduled in early April.

Can I be a coach without knowing much about coaching or baseball?

Yes! The TCTMBA provides coaches with training and resources. There will be a coach development session scheduled in early April. It is not necessary to have significant experience in baseball or with coaching - it is more important that you have a genuine interest in developing the skills of the players on your team.

I may want to be a coach but I am not sure. How do I get more information and possibly show my 'informal' interest in the role?

Contact the Tadpole Division Coordinator to discuss any questions you might have regarding coaching including your possible interest coaching.

Games and Practices

How long is the baseball season?

Practices will start in early April and the regular season will run from mid-April to mid-June. There will be a wrap up tourney in June and an opportunity to play a competitive 'all-star' mini-season against other associations in the month of July.

When are the games and practices?

Games and practiced will normally be scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting in mid-April.

How long are the games?

For Wednesday/Friday games, players are expected to arrive at 6pm to warm-up for a 6:30pm game time. Games typically end at approximately 8pm - no new innings will start after 7:45pm. Times can change we are working with the city and other teams

How long are the practices?

Practice times will be determine by the coach and will typically last for 60 to 90 minutes.

Where are the games and practices?

Regular season games and practices will be scheduled at ball diamonds in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody.

Will I get to play every position?

In the Tadpole Division, all players will get an opportunity to play in the infield and in the outfield each game. Positions such as first base and pitcher require that players demonstrate certain skills in order to safely play those positions.

Will I get to bat every inning?

No. We play 3-out innings which means that once there are 3 batters/runners out then your team will go into the field. Batting lineups will rotate throughout the season so that you will get an opportunity to bat at the top and the bottom of the lineup during the season.

What other events should I expect?

There may be some skill development sessions scheduled outside regular practice times. We will also have a wrap-up tournament in mid-June to close the season. After the season completes in June, Summer All-Star Baseball may be available for players to compete against other associations through the month of July.