Boston Pizza Fundraiser

Hello TC Families

We are doing a fundraiser for the association.
The fundraiser is with Boston Pizza. It is a booklet of 10 gift cards. Each gift card is $50.00 dollars.
We are asking every player to sell one book, worth $500. You are responsible for a book whatever you don't sell MUST be given back or we will expect cash.
Your coaches will be getting the booklets at Picture Day.

Now the fun part
There will be 2 Prizes for the team and player that sells the most gift cards.

The First Prize is whatever team can sell the most gift cards will get a Pizza Party at The Port Coquitlam Boston Pizza.

The Second Prize will be the player that sells the most gift cards will get 4 tickets to a Vancouver Canadians Game.

The books are Due June 15. We will be collecting them at Thompson Park on that day.

If you need more books please reach out to and if you have questions please reach out to

Important details
Each ticket is $50
Each book is $500
Each child is responsible for 1 book
Coaches/Manager can send 1 single e-transfer/ team, to us but all money must be collected by the team manager or head coach.
Due Date: 15 June