11U Mosquito Rules


Let’s make sure our players are safe, having fun and develop their skills throughout the season.

Fair Play – BC Minor Rules

  • All players must play 3 innings and must play at least 1 inning in the infield.
  • No player may sit 2 innings before all players have sat 1 inning.

Code of Conduct

  • BC Minor Rules

Field & Game Play

  • 46’ pitching distance and 60’ baselines.
  • Max 6 innings – no new inning after 2 hours.
  • Open inning may be called for the 4th or 5th inning – if an open inning is played prior to the 6th inning and completed with time to play another inning then the next inning will also be open.
  • Max runs per inning: 2 in the first, 2 in the second, 4 in every other inning until the open inning.
  • 10 run mercy rule after 5 innings.
  • The play is dead when the ball is in control on the mound – players cannot advance.
  • Teams must report scoresheet and pitch count records after each game (to the Coordinator).


  • All players on the roster will bat in order.
  • Bunting is permitted.

Base Running

  • Runners must be on their base when the ball is pitched – can step off once the pitched ball crosses home plate.
  • Runners may steal bases.
  • Runners CANNOT steal or advance to home plate on wild pitches/passed balls in the first two innings; runners CAN steal or advance after the 2nd inning.
  • Overthrows at any base are live and runners may advance at their own risk.
  • If the ball leaves the playing field, play is dead and runners will advance to the next base.
  • Runners must ‘slide/avoid’.
  • Players cannot advance when ball is on the mound in control.
  • Once a runner stops forward motion then he must go back to the previous base (not allowed to ‘tempt’ a hotbox).
  • Teach the players to return the ball to the pitcher as quickly as possible, that is when players have to stop running and return to their bases anyways. This will limit the multi-error plays, the overthrow to first, followed by the overthrow to second on the same play, etc.
  • Players can't steal home on a throwback to the pitcher unless it’s an overthrow after the 2nd inning.


  • A first-year pitcher or inexperienced second-year pitcher must pitch the 1st and 2nd innings.
  • Players may pitch and catch in the same game.
  • Pitch counts must be recorded to ensure mandatory rest between games (see BCMBA rules).
  • Pitchers may ‘finish a batter’ but those pitches count towards the pitcher’s total pitch count (e.g. a pitcher is at 25 and then pitches 2 more in order to finish off a batter then that pitcher has 27 pitches and must rest 2 nights).
  • Players may pitch more than 2 days in a row as long as their total pitches for the previous consecutive days is less than 25.