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We are excited to again offer the U5 Program! Kids born in 2017 are welcome. All teams play interlocking schedules against teams from within the association. The goal here is for the kids to play on teams from within specific school geographical areas. This will help them meet new friends and future classmates. This is an entry level program designed to introduce 5 year old children to the game of baseball, keeping them active and engaged while learning in a fun, safe and informative atmosphere. The Canadian Government has proposed a long term athlete development model for each

Our program was developed with the purpose of making the sport of baseball more attractive to young British Columbians. Baseball Canada is confident that this program will satisfy young baseball players and their parents and that it will be a useful tool for those involved in teaching baseball at the community level. The Rally Cap program creates an environment in which children and adults can have fun and enjoy baseball as well as teach the rules and skills needed for our players. The coaches and parents are there to model and teach competitiveness with an emphasis on good sportsmanship. By promoting increased self-esteem among the players and adults it also increases a positive attitude towards baseball in the future.

Coaches will begin contacting players as of April 1st . Games are played on Friday nights. The season will begin May 6th and go until mid/late June when there will be a year end wrap up, details to follow.

All players will be provided a shirt and hat and they will need to have their own bating helmet. They should wear running shoes and although gloves are allowed, we encourage the kids to actually simply use their hands to catch. At this age many of the kids are still working out which hand they throw or catch with and are simply better using two hands, rather than an awkward glove

Please contact Rally Cap Coordinator