Coaches Corner
Coaches Corner

There are many types of coaches who have coached within the ranks of TCTMBA. We have coaches who have won Provincial Championships, Western Championships and even Canadian Championships. Most of these coaches started with their daughter or son in 5U or 7U.

Most of them did not expect to end up as champions, but we can tell you that every single person who volunteers to coach is a champion to the kids they coach. "What is a coach?" many people ask, "A coach must have to know a lot about baseball, that is not me," they say. The truth is you just have to enjoy having fun at the youngest ages and learn as you go.

Some coaches will develop on their own as their kids get older, but most go to the clinics offered and some get their National Coaches Certification Program designation.

TCTMBA expects all coaches to complete the first NCCP Module, Initiation Coach, to understand some of the basics of coaching kids in baseball. To learn more about this, click here. Different levels of certification are required at different levels of baseball and different events. Each coach must have the appropriate levels of certification as specified under BC Minor Rules and our own policies.


Criminal Records Checks

TCTMBA MUST have a completed Criminal Records Check for all coaches and team parent volunteers before the start of regular season play.

TCTMBA is a participating organization in the online Criminal Records Review program, which means you can apply for your Criminal Records Check online. TCTMBA requires all coaches and managers to complete an application for the program.

When you register as a coach or team parent volunteer, you will get e-mail instructions on how to complete an application for this program. The results of your Criminal Records Review will be sent directly to the Risk Manager at TCTMBA.

For more information about this program, please visit their website at

Coaches and volunteers are required to apply for a new Criminal Records Review every two years. It takes approximately 2 weeks for the results of your application to be sent to TCTMBA, so please take care of this requirement as soon as possible to minimize any disruption to the season.