9U Tadpole Rules

This is 'fair-play' baseball and it is intended for players to play in a safe environment, to have fun and to develop skills.
1) Players must be under the direct supervision of their PARENTS at all times
2) ALL players must have the following equipment:

  • Long pants - no shorts permitted
  • Running shoes or non-metal cleats
  • Batting helmet (with chin strap) must be worn when at bat and running bases

3) Players pitch from 38 feet (12 yards and 2 feet) for 1st year players and 42 feet (14 yards) for 2nd year players
4) Bases are 55 feet apart (18 yards and 1 foot) for 1st year players and 60 feet (20 yards) for 2nd year players
5) The home team sets up bases and takes field first
6) Each batter will normally have up to 7 pitches in order to get a hit

  • Once the player gets a 'hit' then the play is live - a ball must be hit areasonable distance (15 feet) to be considered a 'hit'
  • There are no strike-outs - players may swing at every pitch without penalty
  • In 1st year, an opposing player will pitch 3 times and then the batter's coach will pitch up to 4 more times
  • In 2nd year, an opposing player will pitch 4 times and then the batter's coach will pitch up to 3 more times
  • The player is out if they do not get a hit on any of the 7 pitches - the batter will not be out on a tip or foul ball (another pitch will be provided by the coach)
  • A player may be given an additional pitch if the final pitch from the coach is clearly unhittable (eg in the dirt or behind the batter)

7) Players may advance to 1st base if hit by pitch (any pitch)
8) Players will be called out if they are out (eg do not hit after 7 pitches, tagged out on the bases or fly ball)
9) Fly balls must be in the air and can be caught in foul territory - tip balls will not lead to outs
10) There is no extra base on an overthrow
11) Base runners can take more than 1 base if the ball is hit into the outfield - the play is dead and no more bases may be taken once the ball is returned to the infield (no control of the ball in the infield is required)
12) No stealing or lead-offs
13) Base runners must avoid defensive players - they cannot run into other players in the field
14) 3 outs ends the ½ inning - not all players will bat every inning
15) There is a 5-run maximum per inning (7-run maximum in the final inning)
16) A maximum of 10 players may be in the field
17) Players cannot play the same position more than 1 inning in a row and players will have the opportunity to play infield and outfield in each game
18) A player can pitch a maximum of 1 inning per game
19) Rainouts: coaches will make a decision between themselves regarding rainouts
20) Games start at 6:30pm and there are no new innings after 7:45pm
21) Players, parents and coaches are expected to follow the codes of conduct as listed on the TCTMBA website. Yelling or arguing with coaches and parents is not tolerated. Bring any issues to your coach so that the coaches may resolve the matter in adherence with our league policies.
22) If coaches, parents or players are causing issues or being abusive then the game will be paused to address the situation. Individuals causing such issues may be requested to leave. There is no tolerance for physical violence in any way. If the situation gets out of hand then the game will be ended and reported to the TCTMBA.